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Oliver's Pirate Treasure Chest

A unique treasure chest for a very special little pirate.

This whimsical keepsake box was created as a little pirate's treasure chest. Custom artwork and thoughtful details make it truly one of a kind.

Oliver's Pirate Chest

My client -- Oliver's grandfather -- wanted specific pirate elements incorporated into the artwork. He also wanted to include "Oliver's Treasures" on the lid somewhere, so I worked that directly into the artwork as well.

The crisp, clean pyrography brings dimension to the artwork, while the natural maple and various contrasting stains contrast vividly against the aged mahogany finish. As always, the colors are crystal clear, NOT paint, so that the wood grain is not obscured.

Oliver's Pirate Chest

Careful attention to the box hardware complete the feel of a vintage treasure chest. The antique brass hasp is secured with a vintage padlock, which comes with 2 skeleton keys. Genuine leather strap handles are fixed with antique brass endcaps to make this sturdy box easier to handle. Brass corner guards protect the bottom corners of the chest from rough handling by pirates of all sizes.

Vintage Brass Padlock with Skeleton Keys.

Vintage Padlock with Skeleton Keys

Genuine Leather Strap Handles

Brass Corner Guards

This unique box was being presented to Oliver on a very special occasion: a Christmas visit to Lapland to visit Father Christmas.

Oliver's Pirate Chest

Truly a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that Oliver will treasure for a lifetime.

Oliver's Pirate Chest

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