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Tomorrow's heirloom
shouldn't cost us  today's forests.

Real wood boxes that you can feel good about.

All of my boxes and trays are custom built for me, to my own specifications.  I work with several local teams of woodcrafters who can meet my standards for consistent quality.  We use American maple which is sustainably harvested in the USA, rather than more scarce exotic hardwoods.  And yes, the wood for all of my boxes is sourced from responsible suppliers who are certified though both the FSC and SFI programs.  
FSC: Forests For All. Forever.
SFI: Good for you, Good for our Forests.

Fine Finishes

I receive the boxes and trays completely unfinished, without any hardware or finishes.  I complete all artwork, and then add any interior configurations and dividers.  I finish all components together to ensure a consistent finish.
I use high quality micropigment finishes to achieve crystal-clear, rich saturated colors. DIY pigment stains (such as Minwax) leave particles of stain on the surface of the wood, and they barely even penetrate hard woods like maple.  Micropigment solutions contain coloring particles that are extremely small. They penetrate deep into the wood and color the wood fibers from within.  For that reason, my finishes are transparent, meaning they let light into the wood and do not obscure natural wood figure and overall character.
Bohemian Mandala in Cinnabar Finish
I custom blend all of my colors to ensure that I’m getting the perfect balance of gold, caramel, red and chocolate in each wood tone.  I've created a palette of finishes that complement one another and are well balanced.  Multiple coats ensure deep, even color that will not fade over time.
Finally, I use a professional quality low-odor varnish that offers all of the protection you expect for your fine art box.  The light gloss brings out figuring and character of the wood, and it adds sparkle to the tiny details of the pyrography.  And best of all, the water-based formula has little to no odor, so you can stock your custom tea chest as soon as you receive it without worrying about your oolong picking up a noxious chemical flavor.
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