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noun  |  py·rog·ra·phy  |  \pīˈrägrəfē\

"fire writing":  from the Greek πῦρ (pur, "fire") + γράφω (graphos, "writing")
  1. The art of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with heated tools or a fine flame.
  2. Artwork created by this process.


It's time to take pyrography back from the Boy Scouts.
 My signature technique uses this ancient technique - long relegated to rustic wildlife and cabin decor - to create sophisticated art.  I combine delicate strokework with bold, rich colors.  Fine pyrography details pop against vibrant wood tones and vivid accent colors.  The final result is evocative of fine marquetry or inlaid wood, but with greater detail and depth.
All of my work is done entirely by hand.  I do NOT use lasers or automated CNC machines.
 I custom blend my own dyes and stains, and all finishes are applied by hand.  I add detail colors to many of my designs, often using tiny brushes or even toothpicks.
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