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About the Artist

My younger son tells people "My mom burns boxes."


I hope that the truth is a little different than what his his words conjure.  I combine finely detailed pyrography (woodburning) with a variety of intricate stains to create multi-dimensional wooden art.  My canvases are handcrafted, heirloom-quality boxes, handmade in the Southeastern USA.  I live and work in in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wood itself is an organic canvas, and every piece is unique -- just like people. Every cut of wood has its own grain, tone and character.  And like people, the more you work the wood, the more beautiful it becomes. You can sand down the rough patches, revealing beauty that wasn't apparent before. You can add color, finish and artwork, but it doesn’t change the nature of the wood -- it only enhances the beauty that was already there, just below the surface.  

I discovered pyrography by chance only a few years ago. I was immediately fascinated by its potential to combine crisp, flowing lines with vibrant color. These are not just on the surface either; they both become PART of the wood itself.  Here the wood is not just a canvas; it is an integral part of the artwork.  Over the last few years, my technique has evolved through the addition of customized woodburning tools, custom-blended stains, dyes and finishes, and new ways to outfit custom boxes for unique needs and purposes.

The subjects of my artwork vary tremendously,  each interpreted in my flowing, stylized technique.  I thrive on the challenge of rendering a familiar subject in a new and creative way.  From birds to monograms, religious art to modern icons, each subject offers its own unique beauty.  When you look at one of my boxes, I hope it will make you smile.  Either because it will remind you of someone or something you celebrate...or just because beauty is a joy to behold.

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