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Fonts &


More than 40 fonts to style your message perfectly.

Your words, 

Your way

Choose the words
that mean the most to you.
Place them wherever you like -- inside the lid, on the front or the side, underneath, or within the artwork.
Select the font that best conveys your message.
Choose a font from my gallery or request a special font.
Nothing is more personal than a name.
Use initials or a monogram, in classic or modern style.
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then use it!
Add a symbol, a monogram, a picture or other graphic anywhere on your box.
Add as much or as little text or detail as you like.
Handy counting tool to help place your order.
Personalize your gift for a truly unique treasure.
Add a name, or initials, or a monogram.  A meaningful date, or just a symbol.
A message…a verse…a promise.
That quote that inspires you.  One simple word.
Something that only you and they will understand.

Each personalized box is completely unique, and I take great care and pride in laying out your text and designs.
Every letter and line is woodburned by my own hand. 

Your words, your way.

You may add personalized details in just about any way. Because all of my work is done by hand, I can add detail anywhere on your box.
Most clients prefer the inscription on the inside of the lid,
but you may add details anywhere you like.
I can add text within the artwork, on the front of the box, the bottom of the box, even on the inside edge of the lid.
Add names to complete your family tree.
Use words, symbols, or a flourish.
The choice is entirely up to you.
Your Words

Say it with Style

Set the right tone for your message by selecting from over 40 fonts.

 You may also request a specific font.  

Want it to match your wedding announcements?

 It's all up to you.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

A symbol, a flourish, or a monogram.

More than text, or more than one language.

Sometimes the artwork is on more than just the lid.

Picture 1000 Words

But if you really want 1,000 words...

Count Tool

I am happy to add as much text or detail to your item as you like, up to covering the entire box in text.  Oh yes, it can be done!  Wedding vows?  Love poem?  Declaration of Independence?  To each his own.

  I price my inscriptions based on the length of the text, to be fair to everyone. To get a quick count of the characters in your text, use the tool below.  (I do not count spaces, so use the "characters w/o spaces" number when placing an order.)

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