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Custom Artwork

From a few personalized details to fully custom artwork, make your heirloom box or tray truly unique.
I have a large variety of artwork in my shop gallery to start with, and many offer variations that you may customize to your preference.  Any of these may be further customized in just about any way.  Add birds to trees, text within or around artwork, borders and corners, or whatever you can dream.
OR we can do something entirely different!  I can work with an image or a design that you provide (such as a wedding logo, tattoo, cattle brand, or a favorite picture), or we can work together to come up with something entirely new.  I've done everything from family trees to flaming banjos, with plenty in between.
The gallery below shows a sampling of custom artwork.  These commissions were either variations on one of my standard designs OR completely unique commissions.  Please take a look and be inspired!
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