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Lakshmi and Lotus Gold Box

The outside of this heirloom collector's chest features a delicately tinted lotus blossom. The artwork on the inside is even more stunning: Lakshmi rests on another lotus, also in full color.

This box was configured for a very unique purpose: to house a collection of gold bars, to be given on a child's birthday up to the age of 21. A lift-out presentation tray has custom cut-outs, sized to fit air-tight collector's cases for 1 oz. gold bars.

Each space is labeled for a birthday (1st year, 2nd year, etc.).

Each of Lakshmi's outstretched hands will hold another bar aloft. I've attached golden filigree lotus findings above each hand, which will hold the two gold bars securely in place.

The presentation tray can be lifted out of the box, revealing a velvet-lined compartment below for storing assay certificates and other valuables. Once filled, this stunning collector's chest will hold a total of 23 gold bars -- a generous nest egg for a very special young girl.


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