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Frank Stella Keepsake Box

An homage to the great midcentury modern artist Frank Stella.

This iconic box was created as a special thank you gift to a very special art teacher. Her favorite artist is Frank Stella, so I reimagined his "Harran II" into my own signature technique. The lines extend across the top and down each of the four sides.

Full wrap-around artwork on top and all four sides.

I custom blended the stains for each of the myriad colors in this artwork. As always, the colors are crystal clear, NOT paint, so that the wood grain is not obscured. The beauty of the wood shows throughout the design.

Custom blended, crystal clear colors - NOT paint!

The inside of the lid bears a quote by Frank Stella, perfect for an art teacher who has dedicated so much of her life to teaching children to appreciate art.

Frank Stella Chest

Finally, this keepsake chest bears another inscription on the underside of the box. And this one is signed by my own two boys, who wanted to thank one of their favorite teachers of all time.

Frank Stella Chest

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